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THRLX72 1/4" Drive Flex-Head Ratchet

Dual 80® Technology Long Handle Quick-Release Locking. Available in Three Popular Colors.


Features and Benefits





 • Flex-head design gives exceptional versatility and offers (11) locking positions for convenient access to work 


• Quick-release button for rapid socket and accessory changes, even with greasy or oily hands 

• Dual 80® technology features (7) teeth engaging the gear for added strength and durability 

• Dual 80® technology features a 72-tooth gear to provide 5° of swing arc 

• Up to 25% less ratcheting arc to engage the next gear tooth than our previous design 

• Sealed head keeps lubricants in and contaminants out for longer life 

• Soft-grip handle for extra comfort and control 





Stock No.Gear TeethSwing ArcABCRepair Kit







RKRT841JTJoint Repair Kit
RKRT841LMLocking Mechanism Repair Kit







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