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SOSRR_SERIES Spline Reversible Ratcheting Combination Wrenches

Patent-pending “scrivet” design reduces the potential for F.O.D.

Features and Benefits

  • Patented ratcheting mechanism utilizes Snap-on® Dual 80® technology, combining dual pawls with a thin-walled, box-end design for smooth operation and more torque transfer in less lateral space
  • Flank Drive® gear is cold-formed from the same steel as Snap-on® sockets, delivering up to 40% more cycle life and strength equivalent to traditional combination wrenches
  • Flank Drive® Plus wrenching profile on open end, "bites" into the fastener, preventing slipping and rounding of the fasteners, while providing up to 62% more turning power and strength
  • Manufactured from special alloy steel, precision forged, heat treated and finished in nickel-chrome for optimum strength and durability
  • Longer length, wrench handle is sized for optimum comfort and balance, providing increased leverage, especially in tight spaces
  • Handle is offset 15 degrees from box-end for maximum knuckle clearance and increased access in any tight space


Primarily aviation where spline fasteners are frequently more prevalent


Size, inches (Spline)Stock No.ABCDE
3/8 (#12)SOSRR123/427/329/327/327-1/32
7/16 (#14)SOSRR1427/3215/165/167/327-21/32
1/2 (#16)SOSRR1615/161-1/1611/621/48-11/16
9/16 (#18)SOSRR181-1/321-5/3211/321/49-1/4
5/8 (#20)SOSRR201-1/81-5/163/89/3210-9/32
11/16 (#22)SOSRR221-3/161-3/813/325/1610-7/8
3/4 (#24)SOSRR241-9/321-9/167/1611/3212
Combination Wrenches

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