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Micro Electronic Torque Wrenches. The World’s Smallest, Fully Featured Digital Torque Wrench.


Features and Benefits

• Fully featured electronic torque wrench that’s 50% slimmer, 44% shorter and 62% lighter compared to the leading competitive torque wrench
• Compact 1/4" and 3/8" Dual 80 drive (5% arc swing)
• Three feedback methods work for both torque and angle: visual (LCD and LED); audible (beep); and tactile (vibration)
• Torque and angle presets can be selected and torque jobs can be created with presets
• Steel construction and rugged gyroscope provide extreme drop protection
• Real-time clock to indicate when calibration is required







Square Drive1/43/8
Length11.6" (294.4 mm)
Weight (lbs.)0.93
Head Depth (A)7/16" (11.11 mm)
Head Width (B)15/16" (23.81 mm)
Head TypeSealed Fixed Ratchet
Torque Range, in lb12 to 240
Torque Range, ft lb1 to 20
Torque Range, Nm1.36 to 27.12
Torque Accuracy 20-100% FS'+/- 2% Clockwise; +/- 3% Counter- clockwise
Torque Accuracy 5-19% FS'+/- 4% Clockwise; +/- 6% Counter- clockwise
Angle Range0 to 360 Degrees
Dual 80® TechnologyYes
Storage Capacity1,500 readings
Number of Presets50
All Steel BodyYes
Batteries includedYes
Storage Case includedYes
Ratchet Service KitRKRT72ARKRFC72










Control Tech Wrench

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