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PL500GS 5 pc General Service Pliers Set

Talon GripTM long nose pliers provide up 57% increased pulling power

Features and Benefits 

  • Talon GripTM long nose pliers provide up 57% increased pulling power with a relocated joint, optimized handle shape and diamond serrated jaws
  • VectorEdge diagonal cutters offer induction hardened, parallel cutting edges engineered to provide repeated cuts of hard wire, soft wire, spring steel and cable ties at all locations along the blades
  • Unlike stamped teeth, the teeth on Lineman pliers are machined and hardened so they are sharp and strong like file teeth
  • Three-position combination pliers feature a riveted three-position joint providing a wider spread to handle the tough to hold jobs
  • Cutters and crimper are in front of the pivot for maximum ease-of-use in reaching into tight places
  • Cushioned plastisol handles designed for comfort and leverage to reduce fatigue

Set Components

  • Includes 47ACF Combination Pliers, 97ACF Needle Nose Pliers, 86ACF Diagonal Cutters, PWCS7ACF Stripper/Crimper Cutters Pliers and 57AHLP Lineman Pliers in storage tray
PL500GS47ACFCombination Pliers
PL500GS97ACFNeedle Nose Pliers
PL500GS86ACFDiagonal Cutters
PL500GSPWCS7ACFStripper/Crimper Cutters Pliers
PL500GS57AHLPLineman Pliers
PL500GSG47ACFGCombination Pliers
PL500GSG97ACFGNeedle Nose Pliers
PL500GSG86ACFGDiagonal Cutters
PL500GSGPWCS7ACFGStripper/Crimper Cutters Pliers
PL500GSG57AHLPGLineman Pliers
PL500GSO47ACFOCombination Pliers
PL500GSO97ACFONeedle Nose Pliers
PL500GSO86ACFODiagonal Cutters
PL500GSOPWCS7ACFOStripper/Crimper Cutters Pliers
PL500GSO57AHLPOLineman Pliers
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