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NOZZLEGRP Snap Grip Hose Nozzle with Shut Off

Disguised as an innocent gardening nozzle with a low- ow saturation setting, this hose nozzle quickly transforms into a pistol grip to take on the war of dirt

Features and Benefits


  • Handle grip can be placed into a pistol or in-line position
  • Lock button keeps handle into position until released
  • Adjustable spray nozzle transitions from a delicate fan-style to a powerful jet pattern
  • On/off lever allows for quick shutoff of water supply without changing spray pattern
  • Precision machined inlet port provides an uninterrupted direct  ow path of water
  • Made of machined aircraft aluminum, stainless-steel, SantopreneTM rubber and durable plastic housing
  • Recommended supply hose 5/8" ID for best performance
Hose Nozzle

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