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KRSC430_SERIES 40" Sliding Lid 6+2 Drawer Shop Cart

Work more effectively under the lid in this 40 inch shop cart

Features and benefits


  • Two new sliding drawers under the sliding lid provides excellent working access to tools
  • More than 5" of depth beneath sliding drawers in top compartment – plenty of room for chargers and vertical socket storage
  • Top compartment pre-punched for power strip (KAPS3U or KAPS4)
  • Choose stainless steel or black bedliner coated work surface






























Depth, inches (cm)20 (50.8)
Height, inches (cm)46 (117)
Lid Drawer Depth, inches (cm)15 (38)
Lid Drawer Height (Clearance), inches (cm)2-1/8 (53.8)
Lid Drawer Height, inches (cm), inches (cm)1-1/2 (3.8)
Lid Drawer Width, inches (cm)18 (46)
Top Compartment Depth (minus drawers), inches (cm)5-1/8 (13)
Top Compartment Depth, inches (cm)7-1/4 (18)
Total Cubic Inches (cm)20,659 (42,474)
Total Square Inches (cm)4,932 (12,527)
Width, inches (cm)40.5 (103)


Available Colors


KRSC430PBO1Red w Stainless Steel Top
KRSC430PDG1Midnight Blue Stainless Steel Top
KRSC430PJH1 Candy Apple Red w Stainless Steel Top
KRSC430PKH7Orange w Bedliner Top
KRSC430PQD7Midnight Blue w Bedliner Top
KRSC430PU1 White w Stainless Steel Top
KRSC430PC1Black w Stainless Steel Top
KRSC430PCM1Royal Blue w Stainless Steel Top
KRSC430PDC7White w Bedliner Top
KRSC430PES1Yellow w Stainless Steel Top
KRSC430PTP1Pink w Stainless Steel Top
KRSC430PET7Royal Blue w Bedliner Top
KRSC430PJK1Orange w Stainless Steel Top
KRSC430PKG7Extreme Green w Bedliner Top
KRSC430POT7Flat Black w Bedliner Top
KRSC430PWZ7Storm Gray w Bedliner Top
KRSC430PJJ1Extreme Geen w Stainless Steel Top
KRSC430PKS1Artic Silver w Stainless Steel Top
KRSC430PPS7Candy Apple Red w Bedliner Top






Snap-on Shop Cart krsc430

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