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KAFM32DEM Thick Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Demonstration Model (36 x 24") (Black with Red Logo)

Dense 3/4" thick urethane construction: work standing or kneeling and feel great

Priced 26% lower than standard unit, labeled with demo information: for customer trial or place on van floor to provide customer experience.


Features and Benefits


  • Customer can experience standing on this dense 3/4" engineered material; feels like floating, reducing knee pain, and reducing fatigue in back and feet
  • Lists all models and sizes available in the series
  • Slip-resistant top surface and non-skid bottom
  • Abrasion resistant black surface with red Snap-on logo retains appearance
  • Material resists absorption of water and oils, can be spray washed with water
Thick Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

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