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CTECH1MR100 1/4" Drive Fixed-Head ControlTech® Industrial Micro Torque Wrench (5–100 in-lb)

All the features of ControlTech® in a small package

Features and Benefits

  • Convenient data download via USB cable
  • Fully programmable with job mode and lock-out features
  • Time-based automatic calibration due indicator
  • Steel construction for durability
  • More than twice the ANSI® B107:300 battery life
  • 168 x 48 LCD screen resolution displays torque and angle applied values
  • Factory-provided, NIST®-tracable calibration certificate included
  • Visual, tactile and audible feedback
  • 2-year warranty


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Head TypeFixed Head
Square Drive, inches1/4
Gear Teeth72
Gear Action5o
Torque Range, in-lb5–100
Torque Range, ft-lb0.42–8.33
Torque Range, N•m0.57–11.30
Weight, lb (kg)0.9 (0.41)
Length, inches (mm)10.9 (267)
Torque Accuracy±2% clockwise: ±3% counter-clockwise
Angle Range0–360o
Storage Capacity1,500 readings
Number of Presets50
All Steel BodyYes

Torque parameters comply with ISO® 6789:2003 and ASME® B107:300-2010 (B107.29)

Micro Torque Wrench 5-100

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