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Compact Manual Torque Multipliers

Excellent Access and Easy Handling. Compact dimensions. Exact multiplication ratio.

Features and Benefits

• Ideal for use in the Oil & Gas industry, Mining, Railroad, Heavy Fleet, Power Gen and Aviation
• Compact dimensions allow excellent access and easy handling
• Maximum torque output range from 730 ft.-lbs. to 5100 ft.-lbs.
• Anti Wind-Up Ratchet (AWUR) fitted as standard; keeps the multiplier loaded for easier operation
• Calibrated to give exact multiplication ratio, and each multiplier issued with unique calibration certificate
• True torque multiplication, accuracy guaranteed better than +/-4%
• Supplied in compact carrying case
• Variety of alternative reaction fixtures available






Stock No.Torque RatioCertificationAnti WindupMin. Torque Output (ft-lbs)Max. Torque Output (ft-lbs)Min. Torque Output (Nm)Max. Torque Output (Nm)Input SizeOutput Size




Oil & Gas

• Pipeline flanges (gathering station, pumping stations and refineries)
• Equipment maintenance (yellow iron and heavy fleet)

• Drill rig (rigging up/down and maintenance)

• Drilling platform (structure assembly and maintenance)

• Construction equipment, loaders/shovels/excavators (tire maintenance, track bolts, general maintenance)
• Haul trucks (tire maintenance and general maintenance)
• Production equipment (crusher/mill installation and maintenance)
• Material handling equipment (conveyer install and maintenance, track bolts, general maintenance RR car loading/unloading equipment)

• Track/switch bolting maintenance
• Bridge bolting maintenance
• Car chassis maintenance and repair
• Locomotive maintenance and repair

Heavy Fleet
• Wheel torque for tire maintenance
• General equipment maintenance and repair

Power Gen
• Pipe flange and wind turbine bolting
• General power plant maintenance

• Engine installation (bolting engine to wing pylon)
• Helicopter gearbox installation










Manual torque multiplier

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