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204PFSXEBR Swivel Extension Socket

4 pc 3/8" Drive External TORX® Power Swivel Extension Socket Foam Set

Features and Benefits 

Torx Extension Sockets

  • Great for difficult access where the use of one tool works better than three (socket, swivel and extension)
  • 30° uninterrupted swivel action, means greater accessibility in tight quarters, which allows easier, faster removal of stubborn fasteners thus saving you time
  • Laser welded pivot pin allows smooth, full 30° swivel action for efficient power transfer at any angle with no loss in torque output and prolonging the life of the socket
  • Spring loaded adjustable swivel pre-positions the socket for quick accessibility
  • Socket end is manufactured to exact tolerances with a shallow lead- in countersink which ensures a tight fit to regular height and low profile fasteners reducing the chance of slippage or damage
  • Manufactured from special alloy steel and heat treated for optimum strength and durability
  • Industrial finish helps protect against corrosion


Foam Organizer

  • Modular foam organizer is designed for maximum tool concentration on the smallest possible footprint and can be reconfigured in drawer to accommodate new tool sets
  • Contrasting colors provide visual control and eliminate time spent searching for missing tools
  • Protects your investment and increases productivity
  • Closed cell cross-linked foam for superior performance and durability—resists oils, solvents and fuels and is easy to clean


Use on various European and U.S. vehicles

ENGINE: Starter, Intake Manifold, Cylinder Head, bearing caps

DRIVE TRAIN: Transmission, Bell housing, drive shaft

STEERING and SUSPENSION: Power steering pumps, Steering column, Wheel Bearing/spindle SAFETY: Seat mounts, ABS sensors, seat belts, SRS Air Bag ECU,

OTHER: Headlamps, ignition/key areas



BMW®, Mercedes®, Ford®, GM®, Chrysler®, SAAB®, VW®, Audi®



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Torx Power Swivel Extension

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