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Click-type torque wrench

The click-type torque wrench is a special type of torque wrench.

The click-type torque wrench in a proper sense is a special type of torque wrench.  It is used for setting and adjusting the correct torque in order to prevent using too much power when tightening a screw. Once the preset torque is reached, the wrench „nips off” to prevent using more power on tightening.


This variant of the torque wrench is frequently used in the automotive industry where tightening of wheel bolts requires a certain amount of torque. Aluminium rims for example require a particular amount of torque to ensure driving safety.

Snap-on offers a wide range of torque wrenches. In addition to classic wrenches, electronic torque wrenches are available too. We have the tool that fits your needs.

Torque wrench

Snap-on creates the tools that allow you to apply the perfect amount of torque every time. And when you know you're delivering precisely the right torque, it takes a huge weight off your shoulders.

As the industry leader in torque tools and selection, Snap-on helps you keep planes in the air, trucks on the road, heavy equipment operating, and more. From our mechanical Torque Wrenches to our advanced ControlTech Electronic Torque Wrenches as well as our pneumatic and hydraulic solutions, we deliver the torque that sets the standard.

And for more information on the calibration services and training we offer, talk to your Snap-on representative.

Click-type torque wrench

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