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Snap-on Industrials special program for professionals working at heights.

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Working at heights has always been in our DNA

The first Snap-on Branded Tools were developed for construction workers building sky-scrapers, reducing weight and saving valuable time

Today we proceed with this commitment, and present to the industry our Tools @ Height program. An extensive line of products and tools designed to make your work above the ground or in the deep completely safe.

Industry regulations exist to protect people from falling, but no such guidance exists for protecting individuals from dropped objects, the fourth highest cause of death in the workplace. The Tools at Height program from Snap-on Industrial Brands offers both safety and productivity and uniquely addresses this critical gap. Tools at Height is Snap-on Industrial Brands’ tethered tool program designed for applications that involve work being performed at height and anywhere dropped or lost objects are a concern; the tools are tethered to prevent them from being dropped. All tools are designed with a tethered system to maintain or enhance the tools’ functionality when used at height or near critical assemblies.

  • High level uses - drilling derricks, wind turbines, cranes, buildings, bridges, masts, powerlines, hangars, scaffold builders
  • Low level uses - stop tools dropping onto flight hardware, into engines, machinery, foodproduction lines, vats, mine shafts, even under water uses

If you call it this…

  • Foreign Object Damage
  • Foreign Material Exclusion
  • Drop Mitigation
  • Stop Drops

You need this…the Snap-on Industrial Brands Tools at Height program!

Safety measures at the highest level

Attachment points

The fixing points are carefully placed. They are designed and tested to maintain the functionality of the tools.

Safety innovations

Four holes are better and safer than one. Tools@Height sockets, adapters and extensions have a locking hole on all four sides. Tools@Height drive tools and ratchets have a locking pin that fits into the side locking hole for positive locking. Typical attachments with only one side hole have an increased risk of falling apart. The Tools@Height range reduces the risk of damage to the assemblies you work on and, more importantly, the people you work with.

A turnkey solution

Whether individual tools or customer-specific kits, we help you to create the systems you really need. The components arrive at your premises fully assembled and are ready for immediate use.

Training for drop prevention

Snap-on Account Managers have the experience and knowledge to train your team in the efficient and safe use of the tools.

Lower implementation costs

Tools@Height can be implemented for a fraction of the cost of in-house systems. The standardized positioning of the fastening elements reduces the training effort.

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