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When unrivaled quality and precision are necessary to do the job


Offering an unparalleled range of products for the entire gamut of maintenance needs, Snap-on Industrial has been solving problems since 1920

We can, of course, provide you with the basics such as hand tools, power tools, torque tools, tool storage cabinets, and hydraulic equipment.

But we can also surround them with an unrivaled array of productivity tools such as our unique Level 5™ integrated tool control programs, stationary and mobile tool cribs and containers, custom and specialty tools, and even credit and financing programs to help you choose the best way to maximize your financial opportunities

Tools to get the job done

You need tools that help you to build or fix it. Since the 1920s maintenance and manufacturing professionals trust Snap-on to provide solutions for important tasks. Whatever has to be done, Snap-on makes the difference with creating custom tools and boosting productivity. Quality is assured when using Snap-on engineered tools.

Flextensions by Williams®

Extensively used on heavy duty equipment and engine manufacturing, repair and assembly. The drive socket and extension features an integrated design. Work without concern from disconnecting the socket from the extension. Flextensions allow for continuous, reliable work and increase productivity.

All you need for storage

Our tools deliver performance and power. What sets Snap-on power tools apart from the rest, ist durability, reliability and comfort. Tools to complete your job successfully every time.

Solutions for you - to make it your way

Snap-on provides solutions and the custom tools you need. Whether you need a custom workspace, custom kitting or custom storage, Snap-on has the engineered solutions for your work.


RCI means "Rapid Continuous Improvement" and is part of Snap-on's DNA. We are constantly pursuing higher efficiency levels. We bring this approach to our partners. We identify improvement areas, learn about your business and deploy products and systems that are specifically designed to enhance accountability, productivity and safety. All this while minimizing the expense of tool replacement.

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