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Inspired by aviation, skilled with technical expertise and driven to make a difference.

Aviation & Aerospace

Since 1920, Snap-on Industrial's commitment to the Aerospace industry has been built on the belief that every single mission is critical.

We have surrounded the finest tools with uniquely innovative solutions for FOD prevention, tool control, tool accountability, lean process design, and safety. We understand that Aerospace is constantly evolving, and we pledge to evolve with you to meet your needs.

From aircraft manufacturing to space shuttle repair, our knowledge is your key to increased productivity, efficiency, and safety. Whether building the world's most advanced new aircraft or maintaining a vintage biplane, we have the right stuff to get the job done. Let our world-wide resources and technical expertise benefit your company, on the ground, in the air, and beyond.

A critical job needs the right tool

They have worked many hours on all different kinds of airplanes. They are responsible for every flight starting and landing without incident. The passengers well-being lies on their shoulders.

1920 - Roots of Aviation

Aviation was gaining the nations sky. Snap-on tools were introduced to customers of aviationand were known to ne the perfect fit immediately. The need for high standard tools in high quality was fulfilled.

1927 - St. Louis Spirit

A non-stop flight over the atlantic ocean was accomplished by the Spirit of St. Louis. Snap-on tools helped maintaining and servicing the airplane.

1933 - The antarctic expedition

The trip to the south pole during the great depression was covered by Snap-on tools.The pilot was quoted that he would not have know what to do without them.

1938 - Hughes' flight around the globe

The flight has been completed in a record braking 91 hours. While Howard Hughes became famous, Snap-on earned credit by constructing and fabricating the Lockheed Aricraft plane.

1960er - Moon Landing

Clean room tools by Snap-on helped to make it possible. Men reached the moon and a pioneered system helped to complete the mission.

1973 - Concorde

The proven quality was needed to let the prototype fly. For servicing and maintaining the record-breaking plane, Snap-on created special and high performance tools.

1977 - Blimps

Snap-on tools were even used to maintain the operation of these special aircrafts. Blimp mechanics trust the tools to this day.

1980er - Space Shuttles

Snap-on is part of the launching era of space shuttles. Innovative tools were invented, like the Torqometer adaptors. New heights could be reached with the help of Snap-on.

2008 - Rocket Ares I

Snap-on supplied the flagship tools to build the rocket and support the space station.

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